Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long time no see!

Wow.. Long time since my last post. I had to make some slight changes on my daily life. But now we can get back to business. My main idea when started this blog was to update my blog with the new gadgets and stuff that i just bought and tested or willing to, so we can share our thoughts and experience.

What you will find here? Some cool gadgets that i am ordering non stop from different gadget websites around the world. I will give you links and prices on all so no worries there. Some tripod reviews, neck and wrist straps, monopods and lenses are all going to be reviewed here.

What you are going expect?
You must keep in mind that the reviews that i am writing are from a hobbiest perspective and not a professional sales man. This is the information when i am looking on the internet before approaching to buy some product. Specially if it costs $$$. I want to know what the casual user is feeling about the product.

So here is coming up my first review on camera lens. see you tomorrow..
Joseph is signing off.